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What Are You Really
Paying For Tramadol?

ATTENTION:   TRAMADOL will be shipping by Jan 5. Delays due to holiday and severe weather.

Currently, quantities are limited to 90 count with refills available in 10 days or
30 count with refills available in 4 days. We're working on added sources.

When ordering Click Here to see why to avoid using zipzap.

Everyone tries to put their best face forward, but some might not be totally honest when it comes to what your real cost of Tramadol is. So here is a quick view of us, RxDrugMd.com vs some other websites.

  Remember, just because they "say" they're the lowest priced doesn't make it so!

Pharmacy Advertised Price *Shipping Fees **COD Fees Your Total
RxDrugMd.com $94.00 $0.00 $0.00 $94.00
Credit Card Pharmacy A $99.00 $19.95 Visa $118.95
C.O.D. Pharmacy B $79.00 $25.00 $11.99 $115.99
16-Day Offshore Pharmacy $79.00 $25.00 Visa $104.00
16-Day Offshore Pharmacy $219.00 $25.00 Visa $244.00
*Shipping: Most Pharmacies offering 180 count Tramadol use 3-4 week delivery and are shipping from offshore. Their meds may not be as potent but they always have access to your credit card information. So if you order offshore, don't be surprised to a) start getting phone calls at all hours for more meds - (they sell your name for profit) or b) start seeing airline tickets being charged on your credit card. Don't say you weren't warned!
**COD Fees: See why you should never call in to place a COD! Click Here.

To compare apples to apples, you need to look at the total price. We charge no shipping standard and Saturday delivery is no charge and there are no COD fees. No one else can match that.

As an added bonus, because we are now using USPS, we can offer you Free Saturday Delivery too, a savings to you of as much as $32.00 on top of our other savings. If you need to get your order in Next Day, we have the option for that too. It's only $20.00 $15.00, and a lot less most other websites charge for their 2 day service.

And, probably most important, is the fact that we are available for you to ask questions and get help virtually anytime. We have the pharmacy customer support by phone or email and you can email me, your webmaster, to answer questions anytime you have them.

There are tons of affiliate websites out there, wanting your business. But none of them will put their own contact information on their website. And This Is Why I Do...  Click Here for some unsolicited testimonials. Or, visit our Contact Us page for all the ways you can reach us.

This is why we say we really are a different kind of online pharmacy.

Payment Options:  We accept COD's payable by Cash, Cashier's (bank guaranteed), Check or Money Order. If you pay with Cash, you will need to add $1.15 to your order. The extra fee is so the USPS driver can convert your cash to a USPS Money Order back at the local postal office. If you have any problems getting an order placed, Contact Us!

So if you're ready to order now, here are some quick links below or use the navigation list on the right to find your medication.

We now ship to all states except: AR, ID, KY, MS, NC, ND, OH, OK, SD or VA.

You Have To Call In?   To Order COD?   Huh??

Have you seen websites saying you have to call in for COD orders? We process COD orders right here on our website, there's no reason to call. So why make you call in for COD? Could it have anything to do with the fact that someone has to create a secure account with the pharmacy before any orders are shipped? And, if so, shouldn't YOU be the one to create that account instead of giving over your personal information to someone you don't know?

Think about that for a second. There's no reason to "call-in" to buy COD. Unless, they don't want you to see something. Or maybe because they gain access to information they really have no business getting. Seems fishy to us. At RxDrugMd, you don't have to call in, fax in a photo ID, or go through any of the hoops other's put you through.

Just select the drug you wish to order, follow the steps and ta-ha! You're order is placed and you're done. Plus, later on, YOU can log in to reorder or check status and not have to "call in" to get that information. Think twice before you call in with medical information like that. It's not necessary and can be dangerous.

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